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Spending more than you thought you would on Black Friday is all too easy. Electronics that were $500 are now $300, sales tags everywhere with 40%, 50%, 60% off!! Who can resist? Problem is that now we have ended up spending $3,000 instead of the $2,000 that we budgeted for. If you are now facing the problem of entertaining the kids, but are trying to make up for that extra grand spent at the same time, here may be some helpful options. There are many family home activities that are simple, fun, and will help make up for the extra money spent on Black Friday, here’s one of them. If you live in a climate that allows this, moving the family outside around a fire pit is a great way to disconnect from society for an hour. The only ingredients needed are as follows: family, fire pit, wood, skewers, and s’mores fixins! Imagine, your whole family together, no cell phones, no emails, and no commercials, just the crackling of the wood burning and the occasional “eeeakk!” when someone’s s’more lights on fire unexpectedly. This is one of the inexpensive activities that you can have a great time with your family while on a budget.

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Watching Movies with Kids

To be scary or not to be scary?  Growing up there was quite a divide between what parents would allow their kids to watch and not watch.  Personally, I had no restrictions.  Anything and everything went.  Other friends of mine a ‘G’ Rating all the way.  For an 8 year old as seasoned as myself it was frustrating to say the least when spending the night at friend’s houses.  No amount of Disney could satiate my appetite for nail biting, spine tingling cinema even though there was some creepy stuff in some of those Disney movies.  LOL.

Their is an awesome article I read on Entertainment Weekly written by Anthony Breznican.  In it he states, “Yes, we have to think about what’s appropriate for any given age, and yes, all kids are different. But to deny them access to the macabre entirely only creates a mind with a false sense of security. If we don’t let kids safely poke around the dark corners of their imaginations, how will they ever find out what’s hiding there?”

I wholeheartedly agree.

Why shield them from everything?  If you’re watching movies with your kids and a scarier film comes on, use your judgement as a parent, but let ‘em watch it if it is going to test their boundaries just a little.  Then when the movie is over ask them what they liked about it, what they didn’t, and talk through it with them to clear up any fears or questions.  Let’s face it it will add to their arsenal of amazing ideas and concepts.

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Games for Kids

One of my favorite make believe games to play as a kid was with pillows and umbrellas.  By using living room pillows and the big umbrellas, I could magically transform any room of the house into a make believe world of my choice. As I  used the biggest umbrellas I could find to make the canopies, I could start to imagine the land.  As I added on couch pillows to create the walls, I could start to imagine the scenery that the land would have in it.  As I threw a quilt over top so that it was held up by the umbrellas and draped over the pillow walls, I was already in a conversation with the creatures that dwelled in that land.  I could spend hours in these magically lands by myself or with friends.

This is such an amazing game that will not only keep the kids entertained and out of your hair, but it will also teach them how to cope when they are bored without nagging you with the statement any parent has heard a thousand times, “Mommy, I’m bored.”

Enjoy!!! I hope your kids love it as much as did!

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Ways to get your kids to do what you want

I personally can’t stand the sound of yelling in the house so I like to try to turn everything I possibly can into fun game with a reward.

Kids get spoiled, especially around the holidays. I’d much rather run a lean household where everybody always wants a little bit more than they’re getting. That way when I’ve got something I want to get done I can give them some kind of a cool game and a cool reward with some kind of prize to make the game more exciting.

I can’t even tell you what a good investment the iPad has been. We’ve been using the iPad to train the kids on math and reading. There’s so many good apps now for somewhere between $.99 and $10. You can get a kid an app that allows them to play and learn at the same time. I found that the kids are learning much, much more from the apps and they are in school. I was able to teach one of the kids had to read over the summer when I wasn’t very excited about what the school to accomplish in first grade. They killed it using the apps, and is now one of the top kids in the class in second grade.

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Kitchen Stuff for the kids during the Holidays

I like the kids learning how to cook. I also like the kids to learn how to clean up the kitchen  and do dishes. For the smaller ones we had to get some stepstools you can pick up at Home Depot for about $15.

Get the plastic one so they’re lightweight, and the kids can pick them up.

Get something with a nonskid surface on the bottom. That way the kids can bring it over to the sink.

Give the kids some kind of a game where they can win a reward for cleaning dishes. Make sure the kids learn how to wash their hands before they do any cutting or cleaning in the kitchen or the adults will get grossed out and won’t want to eat the food.

Also obviously give the kids something they can do. Don’t ask a four-year-old to peel an apple. On the other hand things like vacuuming can be turned into a game and putting away toys can be turned into a game to win prizes.

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The Holiday Household

We are now in the middle of the holiday season. The kids are home, the heaters on, the windows are closed, the animals are in the house and things are going nuts.

Will need some exciting activities you got the kids occupied or by the end of the day the children are going to come up with a game that could be driving you crazy. Some of the things we have been doing around the house lately have been a lot of fun. Cooking is a very big one. Making movies on computer has been another one.

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