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Watching Movies with Kids

To be scary or not to be scary?  Growing up there was quite a divide between what parents would allow their kids to watch and not watch.  Personally, I had no restrictions.  Anything and everything went.  Other friends of mine a ‘G’ Rating all the way.  For an 8 year old as seasoned as myself it was frustrating to say the least when spending the night at friend’s houses.  No amount of Disney could satiate my appetite for nail biting, spine tingling cinema even though there was some creepy stuff in some of those Disney movies.  LOL.

Their is an awesome article I read on Entertainment Weekly written by Anthony Breznican.  In it he states, “Yes, we have to think about what’s appropriate for any given age, and yes, all kids are different. But to deny them access to the macabre entirely only creates a mind with a false sense of security. If we don’t let kids safely poke around the dark corners of their imaginations, how will they ever find out what’s hiding there?”

I wholeheartedly agree.

Why shield them from everything?  If you’re watching movies with your kids and a scarier film comes on, use your judgement as a parent, but let ‘em watch it if it is going to test their boundaries just a little.  Then when the movie is over ask them what they liked about it, what they didn’t, and talk through it with them to clear up any fears or questions.  Let’s face it it will add to their arsenal of amazing ideas and concepts.

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